The Baklawa Factory is producing authentic Turkish Baklawa, Kanafa and Kadayif to its selected premium customers in the UAE. We use only premium ingredients and prepare our products according to traditional recipe.

The Baklawa Factory operates under the supervision of Dubai Municipality health and safety regulations and have HACCP / ISO 22000 certifications.

Please be our guest and visit our Factory and experience the spectacular taste of Middle East.


We are proud to produce these luxury sweet daily and fresh in the UAE and deliver to your door step for orders over 250 AED or more. Orders less than 250 AED can be collected from one of our wide partner network. There is always one close to you. Please check our partner network on the order page.


Middle East is famed for diverse picturesque sweets with spectacular taste.  Baklawa (Baklava), Kanafa (also spelled kunafeh or kunafah) and Kadayif are just few of them. The history of these sweets are diverse as the number of ways they are prepared and the number of countries claim their origins. The Baklawa Factory brings to you the authentic Turkish Baklawa, Kanafa and Kadayif with premium quality walnut, pistachio and dough. The Baklava Factory is the place to order if you are craving for the taste of Turkish and Middle East desserts. 


While in past only the wealthy of the time can afford these luxury sweet. Today, The Baklawa Factory brings Baklawa, Kanafa and Kadayif to you to share the special moments with your family and friends. For parties and events, our specialized team is ready to serve in traditional way to your guests, making the experience unforgettable.